Turkey Visa

Checklist for Visa Application File

Mandatory Documents


  • Visa Application Form (VAF) duly filled and printed at Anatolia Travel Services by office staff in accordance with the information given by the applicant with two colored biometric photos attached on it (White Background - 5x5cm size) Front pose without sun glasses, veil, cap, Turban (80% face 20% body) . Printed VAF should be checked and signed by the applicant.
  • Unimpaired Passport / Travel Document valid for at least 6 months from the travel date , and copies of the Bio Data and used pages of old passports only on A4 size
  • Official documents showing income status (Salary checks, FBR, NTN, Active Tax Payer Certificate etc.)
  • Family registration certificate or marriage registration certificate (if newly married) from NADRA office
  • Cover letter written by the applicant explaining details of the planned visit including the purpose of visit, the places to be visited, estimated expense including accomodation and tickets, how the applicant is planning to cover its expenses, who the applicant is travelling with, whether he/she has been in Turkey before etc. (Cover letter should be one page)
  • Financial documents showing funds easily accessible by the applicant that show sufficient funds available for the planned trip (Bank statements of last 3 months and not older than 10 days from the date of submission, and duly signed and stamped from the bank only on A4 size) , savings etc.
  • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate is required. (Only applicable for Punjab,Sindh and Baluchistan applicants)
  • Proof of intention to return from Turkey or onward journey after compilation of planned travel (return ticket reservation, transit ticket reservation etc.)
  • Proof of secured accomodation in Turkey during trip (hotel reservation, invitation letter from the host mentioning residence details or lease/deed papers etc.)
  • Travel health insurance certificate-coverage of Euro 30.000 / US Dollars 50.000 and period of stay in Turkey and the repatriation costs as well.


Conditional Documents


  • If the applicant is a government officer, Ex-Pakistan Leave Paper or NOC is required.
  • If applicant is travelling with a company who already had a valid Turkish sticker visa / E-Visa/ Residency Permit, a copy of the aforementioned document of the company is required.
  • In case applicant has a sponsor, affidavit letter from sponsor on a stamp paper for the covering of the expenses along with the proof of income (like bussiness letter, NTN, bank statement, salary, duration of the employment etc) and demonstrating relationship with the applicant. If sponsor is living abroad, sponsorship letter should be attested by diplomatic missions of Pakistan / relevant organization where parents are working / notary public from any legal firm.
  • If old passport of the applicant is lost, Police report and it's English translation is required.
  • If the applicant is an owner of a business, supporting documents proving ownership, as well as official documents showing company's financial standing.
  • If applicant is a freelancer, recent contracts signed by company and himself/herself.
  • If the applicant is a professional, Professional Qualification Certificate (PMDC, Engineering Council/Bar Associate Letters, etc.) / Skill Certificate is required.
  • In case applicant is an employee, a statement undersigned by employer (with name/surname and contact number) mentioning title, salary, duration of the employment on a company letterhead, paper along with last 3 months' salary slips and type of payments (cash, bank deposits etc.).
  • If the applicant is a student, bonafide letter confirming the enrollment by educational institution is required.
  • If applicant is under 18 year-old and intends to travel without one or both parents, original consent letter of absent parent(s) is/are required on a stamp paper and should be attested by the Notary Public. If one of parents is deceased, Death Certificate from Union Council is required. For seperated parents, consent letter of the guardian of child and notarized guardianship papers are required. In case, parents are living abroad, consent letter of the parents should be attested by diplomatic missions of Pakistan / relevant organization where parents are working / notary public from any legal firm.
  • I declare that all the documents I presented to Anatolia Travel Agency officers are correctly recorded with a tick on the "submission" column on the checklist paper.
  • I understand that my intended travel date does not necessarily indicate my visa application to be finalized before my travel date.
  • I am informed that submitting necessary documents do not necessarily lead to visa issuance.
  • I am informed the earliest date i can apply for visa is 3 months prior to the intended travel date.
  • I am informed that the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey recommends the applicants to submit their applications at least one month before their travel date.
  • I understand that all documents I presented should be in English (translation is accepted), readable, scanable, and A4 format.
  • I hereby certify that all submitted documents are genuine and all information provided is correct.
  • I understand that submitting supporting documents may lead to a more accurate decision against my visa application in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • I understand that visa application will not be submitted by Anatolia Travel Agency unless mandatory documents as well as conditional documents (if necessary) are met in accordance with the details mentioned on the checklist.
  • I am informed that in case of submission of fake/forged documents, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey will send the application file along with the passport of the applicant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with a view to initiating legal process.
  • I understand that submission of fake/forged documents may end up with entry ban to Turkey.
  • I understand that any incorrect information may cause to refusal of my visa application.
  • I hereby give my consent that all the documents I presented can be verified by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Islamabad or/and Anatolia Travel Services offices accross Pakistan.
  • For the applicants who wish to visit the diplomatic missions of other countries in Türkiye, the application process will be completed only after the Diplomatic Mission/University/Instutition/Organisation of the relevant country sends direct confirmation e-mail to the Consulate’s official e-mail address. consulate.lahore@mfa.gov.tr (Only applicable for Punjab applicants)